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>>> and a local leader in charge of the largest transportation project in the area has come out swinging against his critics. good evening. >> president obama and mitt romney take the stage at 9:00 tonight for their second presidential debate. democrats predict president obama will be livelier than he was last time. republicans believe romney will be energized by a new set of positive poll numbers. steve handelsman is at hofstra university where tonight's debate will take place. >> thanks. good evening. from hempstead, long island. with mitt romney ahead in a new poll in the all important swing states. even more is riding on the presidential debate here tonight. the pressure is on but so was the smile. barack obama headed to the hofstra debate. >> i feel fabulous. look at this beautiful day. >> reporter: mitt romney got sunshine from a starting poll by gallup for usa today that shows him leading now in 12 battleground states from colorado to florida to ohio. since the debate in denver, romney over obama, 50-46 among likely voters because gallup found romney trails with women in
: so we asked, is it local or national issues driving them to wait two, and in some cases -- >> three hours. >> reporter: three hours? >> yeah. but it's worth it. >> reporter: with all the ads, most voters told us gambling expansion and same-sex marriage weren't at the top of their agenda when it came to early voting. >> voting for the president to be re-elected. >> i voted for barack obama. yeah. >> reporter: for the presidential election, it means more than the questions or would you they -- >> that's the most important issue on my agenda. but other items that you can vote for, it's like question seven. those are important, as well. >> seven and six. >> reporter: voters in maryland will have extended hours and an extra day to vote. and these lines are expected to continue. >> there is a duty to vote. and we encourage every citizen to make sure that they get here 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> reporter: according to the board of elections, they've had 20,000 people take advantage of early voting so far. that's not including today's numbers. if you're in line by 9:00, you'll be able to vot
tonight. the search is on for two local hikers missing in montana. >>> but first, after more than 30 years in public services colleagues remember former u.s. senator arlen specter. he died today at the age of 82. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. specter passed away at his home from philadelphia from complications from nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the pennsylvania politician served in the senate for more than 30 years. he sparked controversy in 2009 when he switched parties to run as a democrat for his sixth term. specter said he didn't think he could win the nomination in the increasingly conservative republican party. he lost the primary to then-congressman joe sestak. >>> a developing story right now, a search under way tonight for two local hikers believed to be missing in montana. kneel peckens of virginia and jason hiser of maryland left for a hiking trip in glacier national park. family members reported them missing friday when they failed to catch their flight home. park rangers found their car later today and today six crews combed hiking trails and interviewed visitors. park
at a local hospital. the ship's captain also is still missing. the coast guard is still trying to find him. >> some dramatic pictures. just another example of how powerful that storm is. >> most definitely. >> and it's amazing how big it is. >> flooding is still an issue around here. >> flooding is an issue here. the good news, we were talking about how it could rival some past floods. it doesn't look like that's going to happen. that's good news for us. we did see five to six inches of rain but it wasn't across the entire area. so some good news there. the potomac will flood this evening. high tide around 9:00. especially around georgetown but i don't think it will be too big like what it was earlier this morning. that didn't cause a lot of problems. take look outside. these are our studios in northwest washington where our driveway is currently closed. because of a tree and some wires that are down across the building. jim vance had to make the extra walk to the parking lot. sorry about that. >> that's all right. i made it. san >> i saw you running. >> we call it a superstorm because of
to the previous descriptions given by other victims. elainy is a waitress at a local restaurant. >> i live right there on cumberland. i don't feel safe walking over there. so my boys have to drop me home. >> you literally live a block away? >> yeah. i don't feel safe. >> reporter: the police are looking to stop this man. one of his victims spoke to news4 last week, through an interpreter. >> translator: we were walking down the sidewalk, when all of a sudden i felt somebody walking behind me. once i turned around, he started touching me. touching me around my breast. once i started skreepging, and my daughter staurted screaming, he ran away. >> i'm definitely more inclined that i walk with someone. i don't walk alone. i don't walk by myself at night anymore? >> are you afraid? >> yeah, very afraid. >> reporter: police say they don't know what motivates this man. but they hope with the public's help and information, they can stop him with an arrest. chris gordon, news4. >>> been kind of gloomy the last couple of days. but not today. today was quite pleasant. doug kammerer is up in the weather cen
question question six on same sex marriage, question seven on gambling and all of his local county initiatives. we got on the phone to find out what happened. ross goldstein is with the state board elections. he confirmed that some absentee ballots in montgomery and prince george's counties are missing the second page. he said it is a small number. but if you have an absentee ballot, he wants you to make sure you have a complete ballot. double-check that you have a second page with questions 4 through 7 and all of your local ballot questions. which in prince george's county goes all the way to the letter g. we're told it should be very easy for you to get a new ballot if you do have a problem but you need to call your local election board. here are the number. in prince george's county. 301-430-8020. in montgomery county, 240-777-8550. the state says it is investigating what caused the problem. meanwhile, the news4 i-team is on election patrol. if you noticed any voting problems, e-mail us at tips @news4. or give us a call. >> thanks. >>> across maryland, police signs are being rip
to be the estranged husband of one of the salon's employees. dozens of officers from local agencies, s.w.a.t. teams and the fbi, including milwaukee's bomb squad, are searching the skrim scene. >> in the process of clearing that building, we believe we have identified what is being described as an improvised explosive device. >> reporter: as friends and family of those killed and wounded search for reasons why. >>> former united states senator and presidential candidate george mcgovern has died. mcgovern's family announced he passed away today in a hospice in south dakota. he was 90. mcgovern served in congress for more than 20 years. he strongly opposed the vietnam war and ran on that platform during the 1972 presidential race. he lost that election to richard nixon, of course, in a landslide. president obama released a statement reading in part today, george mcgovern dedicated his life to serving the country he loved. when the people of south dakota sent him to washington, this hero of war became a champion for peace. >>> it's been two months since thomas maz lan was brutally beaten on his way ho
. but in rehoboth beach, delaware, it's calm. erica gonzalez is there talking to locals who don't seem worried about the storms heading their way. >> reporter: doreen, we want to tell you about an hour ago, emergency officials were taking things very calmly, so as not to get anybody agitated, they still want to make sure everybody remains calm. but things have definitely changed here. this system is directly headed toward delaware is what we understand from emergency officials. that's what they've recently told us. they're expecting 10-foot high surge and torrential rain that could measure as much as a foot deep in some places. joseph thomas just met with the surrounding officials minutes ago. the very latest from him, residents that live in low-lying areas and mobile homes here in rehoboth are asked to make preparations to move out of the area now. they are asking these people not to wait for emergency evacuations to be put into place. again, if you live in the rehoboth area, in a low-lying area or mobile home, you're asked to make preparations to move out now. emergency planners could make evacuat
that bob myers was watching the local news and saw that there had been another attack. he told us that he thought at the time, boy, there is some other family that is now going to have to deal with this and about 5:00 the next morning his nephew came to the door and said, well, they got dean. now, you saw him holding a wrist watch. he still has the watch his brother was wearing when he was shot at the sunoco station it stopped at the very second when dean myers hit the ground. so, for bob myers, he says he's trying to get his life back together. but for part of him, ten years ago, time stopped. >> a terrible time for all of us and nobody at the time who lived here at the time will ever forget. you have a full report coming up on "nightly on the weekend." >>> rumbling and shaking in europe's tallest active volcano. mt. etna has seen a slight increase in what they call volcanic shaking. they say they're not predicting an eruption there. the volcano had several small eruptions including one that closed an airport there back in january. >> interesting to watch from a distance. >> exactly. gor
is a local fan favorite to watch the opening game of the washington nationals journey into the postseason. >> very good for business and just fun to hang out. it's been so long since d.c. has had a good bage teseball team. great to see the reaction of the fans. >> reporter: a chance to root for the hometown team hasn't come very often. it's the first post-season play for washington baseball team in nearly 80 years. >> this team has done so well this year. they pulled it out at every possible opportunity, and couldn't be more excited to see them in the playoffs. >> i'm here to watch history in the making, my friends. this is the most unique thing i have seen in this town. >> i'm here to get my natitude ignited. the first nationals playoff game in 79 years. this is an unbelievable experience. >> reporter: the nats are slated to play a five-game series a series that will bring them home on wednesday. >> it's really excited to have some very meaningful baseball in october because this is -- we're usually all checked out by then. >> reporter: this is what fans have been waiting for since the n
. >>> news for your health now for the first time. hiv tests are now available at some local drug stores. it is called the oraquick in-home hiv test. it costs about $40. people swab their cheek. you can get results in about 20 minutes. some say it is a huge step in the fight against aids. others say the price tag is too steep for those who need the test the most. >> i don't think this is a game changer. i think it is realistic this test, particularly when priced at $40 at retail, is going to do a lot to contain this epidemic. >> the test looks for hiv antibodies and does not test for the hiv itself. >>> doug is back with more about our funky weather, huh? >> i love it, man. >> isn't that an appropriate meteorological term? >> yeah. that was in the first year's courses. >> right up there with yucky. >> yucky, funky. it is not bad weather. we're not dealing with bad weather but it is a little funky out there when you consider the temperature are running 10 to 20 degrees below average over the last three days. we've seen plenty of clouds. those clouds still around. we thought earlier today,
.c. public schools also will be closed. >>> president obama, local governors and other leaders are all asking all of us to stay home and stay safe through the rest of this storm. if you don't have what you need at home, chances are the stores don't have it either. >> pat collins has been out in montgomery county all day. he's up on i-270 in rockville. pat? >> reporter: jim, i've been to gas stations that don't have gas. i've been to radio shacks that don't have transistor radios. and flashlights, forget about flashlights. if you don't have it by now, this is no time to go out and get it. stay home. live without it. wait this storm out. now, we're on 270 near montrose road. the rain here is relentless. we get sudden gusts of win every now and again. the traffic is light. but getting through the roads, likely to become dangerous. let's hear now from some 270 road warriors. >> hard driving. win wind. >> reporter: hard to keep the control? >> yep. it's raining a lot. but it's not disrupting traffic at all. >> i can still see where i'm going at leas i'm glad i have traction control on my car. >> i
not part of a chain locally owned, very often family owned. they have special ways to get supplies in that are sometimes not available to the bigger chains. that is your best bet for getting this very sought-after stuff at this point. jackie bensen, dmnews 4. >>> true in home depot. thanks, jackie. >>> a live look now at national airport. the major airlines are asking passengers if you're flying monday, tuesday or wednesday, in the northeast, to change your flight. nair waiving fees for cancellations and changes to keep delays to a minimum. those fees normally can go up to about $150. >>> on the rails, metro has sandbags in place around low-lying tunnels and stations in case of flooding. above ground service could be slowed if winds are sustained over 30 miles an hour. gusts above 60 could cause delays for amtrak. its deploying extra crews across the northeast. >>> stay with news 4, and nbcwashington.com for continuing coverage of hurricane sandy. we're also posting constant updates on facebook and twitter. >>> well, the impending extreme weather brought people out to vote even ear
, falls church, fairfax county, all declared a local state of emergency today to help them better deal with whatever sandy brings. this was the long line of cars that formed at an alexandria middle school parking lot. the hot commodity here, sandbags. >> an ata to gw. >> caller: truckload after truckload hauled into this location in old town were carted off as soon as they could be delivered. >> we got a basement that floods every now and then so i want to make sure we've got sandbags to go around the basement. >> reporter: in the hunting done area, they know all about flooded basements because theirs have filled in several past storms. regs dents were prepping their property. generators on stand by, trash cans, bungeed together, and check out this window treatment. >> flywood on there and waterproof tape to slow it down some so it won't gush in. >> reporter: there were also some cinder blocks handy to elevate the basement furniture. across northern virginia, residents and restaurants cleared their patios. the manager of this barbecue place delayed the week's food order in case the pow
their campaign back on track. in danville, a college town that hosts tonight's debate, local voters say they'll tune in. >> i want ryan to be able to express what we want for our country. like romney did in the presidential debate. >> i think it will help obama if joe biden does well. >> reporter: with the debate hall at center call, paul ryan arrived, a 42-year-old republican whiz kid set to face a 69-year-old democratic debate veteran. >> joe biden's been on this stage before. this is my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. >> reporter: the vice president sometimes hurts team obama with gaffes, with trademark bravado, that he won't dodge. >> looking forward to it. >> reporter: the stakes in danville look higher after last week's debate in denver. >> the reason is that mitt romney's developed significant momentum from his debate performance against barack obama last week. >> reporter: romney, who last night held a big rally in sidney, ohio, narrowed the gap in that key state. in the new nbc poll, no change in florida, obama by one. romney ahead no
a few local nfl stars are voicing their opinions. >> marriage, the union of a man and a woman. >> the maryland marriage alliance is launching its tv ad campaign urging people to vote against question 6. the civil marriage protection act. >> everyone is entitled to love and respect. but nobody's entitled to redefine marriage. >> the question 6 redefines marriage as we know it, and we're saying we think marriage is valuable to society, that is more than about what any two adults want. >> reporter: in past maryland elections, political media buzz focused on the baltimore market of radio and tv. but on the issue of question 6, both sides realize that half the maryland voters are in the washington suburbs, and so you will be seeing and hearing a lot of ads. >> question 6 does not in any way interfere with my religion, it doesn't threaten my catholic faith, and it is the right thing to do for all marylanders. on november 6th, please vote for question 6. >> reporter: this is the new web ad for marylanders for marriage equality. they want to reach the washington audience and sent out
just under 1,000 pounds. they bought it from a local farmer. they put it on display in their corn maze in plains. they named it priscilla after a children's book about pumpkins. hub says he takes it inside the barn every night to protect it from the cold. just picks it up and carries it just[ minto ] you know,rries it those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
't happened in 30 years. so far it's not posing a threat to local communities in hawaii. >> dramatic looking. >> incredible, isn't president obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... this message. anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called forty-seven percent... of americans. including people on medicare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no victim...you earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away.
'm a fan. >>> just when local hockey fans start thinking about digging out the capital sweaters, we have news to put the optimism on ice. nicholas backstrom is heading to russia. aren't they supposed to be close to getting a deal done? the owners made an offer and players were on the reported saying they were cautiously optimistic they would be getting back to work soon. that is still the latest on the lockout front. as far as backstrom, the caps star left winger is concerned, he's flying to russia tonight to join alex ovechkin. it was ov that persuaded him. >>> game four of the yankees and tigers, take two. the yankees might want another doover. new york on the brink of getting swept. down three games to none, they bench a-rod again. controversial. you betcha. yankees feel good about their ace, though, cc sabathia that started this afternoon. but that good feeling is gone. bottom first, two on for young. he drives this one to right. one run would come around to score. 1-0 lead. young's sixth rbi in the last four games. cc is not done. his day, getting worse. bottom four, one on. the tri
home delivered by the local campaign office. it replaces one that was engulfed in flames when libby stevens last saw it and grabbed these images. all that was left of the 4 by 8 plastic coated romney for president banner were two metal supports and some burn marks. >> the dogs were barking so i came downstairs and looked out my front window, and there was a gentleman standing on the front porch, and i looked past him to see the sign, and a fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: stevens said when she came outside about 2:00 a.m. monday, her first thought was that the fire had been set deliberately. >> it's one thing to spray paint a sign or slash it or steal it, it's another to set it on fire. that's wrong. >> reporter: leesburg police officers responded and took a report. >> due to the nature of the call, we did turn the case over to the fire marshal's office. >> reporter: although this is the most serious, nearly every jurisdiction in maryland, virginia and the district has reported vandalism to political signs this year. >> i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: the stevens' neighb
. >>> who's up? >> big weekend on the local sports team. we're going to get you ready coming up in sports. the redskins face a giant task in new york on sunday. the terps looking for a win on homecoming against nc state. the cardinals barely made it into the play-offs, as we are all aware. but they're now just one win away from the world series as news4 at 6:00 continues. president obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... this message. anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called forty-seven percent... of americans. including people on medicare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no victim...you earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away. marywe invest in them.umber one in america because but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it
. the election could hinge on hamilton county, ohio. cincinnati chili stays the local lunch favorite. but cincinnati voters swing between parties. barack obama won here in '08. but republicans tracy and tony are relieved today. >> last night's debate is not going to hurt us in this county. >> congressman ryan held his own. >> reporter: ollie figures biden won. >> i will vote for obama, period. >> last night helped? >> just convinced it. >> reporter: paul ryan was upbeat this morning. >> i feel great. >> reporter: in danville last night, ryan drank a lot of water but didn't sound nervous. >> job growth in september was slower han in august. >> reporter: joe biden smiled a lot. some say condescendingly. >> 5.2 million new jobs. >> reporter: he denied a cover-up of an al qaeda attack in libya. >> the intelligence community told us that, as they learned more facts about exactly what happened. they changed their assessment. >> reporter: president obama was pleased. >> i thought joe biden was terrific tonight. i could not be prouder of him. >> reporter: but mitt romney charged today biden
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22